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In the animal kingdom, cats are not only the majestic animals that exist. A certain breed of dog called Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be regarded as a part of the aristocratic animal kingdom. This is because this breed came from the United Kingdom and its appearance is actually like of that of a royalty. Such dog possesses shiny, softy coats and undocked tail. Many prefer to go for this dog breed, particularly dog lovers due to the various coat coloring it has such as Blenheim, ruby, tricoloured (black, white, tan) and also the mix of black and tan. Being affectionate, friendly and active are just what these breeds of dogs are well known for. They love to play with children and follow small animals.

The royal character of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is brought by its necessity of care and proper grooming often. Its soft, silky, wavy coats need right grooming to stay away from matting and knotting. The answer to the query ‘Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels shed?’ is certainly a big yes. Most often, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel losing of fur normally takes place throughout the spring and fall season. That’s the reason why it is advised that combing and brushing of their fur needs to be a normal routine.

Well, these dogs have a very caring, patient, and playful qualities. With their characteristic, it won’t be an issue if these dogs will join dog parties as they can socialize regardless of the size and type of dogs. With that being said, they are ideal as an addition to a household with various types and sizes of dogs (just ensure that the other dog breeds are trained to be with some other dogs). They are really intelligent dog breeds that understands well and can quickly respond and adapt even if it belongs to a whole new environment and family. This kind of dog wants to be a part of people’s lives that’s why they are considered flexible.

One other interesting fact about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is its obedience, curiosity and playfulness. They take pleasure in cuddling up on your lap. On the other hand however, they too are seen at some point to be very sporty and active. They can at the same time go as wild as chasing vehicles whenever they get a chance to enjoy the busy streets. They’re very friendly that they make friends to anyone even to strangers. Hence, they will never work as good guard dogs. Thus, they are best to be one’s indoor pets and faithful buddies.

These dogs demand personal care as well such as bringing them to pet doctors to avoid health problems.