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When you are a dog owner, effort and training is very important particularly for dogs with exceptional level of energy. Low energy dogs is the ideal companion for those who have a busy schedule because these dogs don’t call for a lot of maintenance. These kinds of dogs are not just adorable, but they are also simple to keep without much effort. If you are taken a liking to these dog breeds, then look at this article.

English Toy Cocker Spaniel
They are the type of dogs that aren’t very aggressive and would always love to play and its human family, causing them to be the best dog breed for families with young children. This dog doesn’t always bark since it’s so timid when unknown people are around. As it is, they’re already content with cuddling and having their owners company. This dog simply requires a soft exercise and occasional game activities. There can be an opportunity that they will chase small animals when they are out in the open. So always place a leash on them. With regards to proper grooming, this dog simply requires its hair to be brushed two times a week to stop it from getting entangled.
Shih Tzu
This dog has been considered a dog of monarchy among the number of dogs with low energy level. That’s precisely why this dog will just call for spoiling and love from its master. On the same way, their master will certain to have the same amount of love and affection from them. These dogs are the kind that will prefer to stay inside the house with its owner than going out for a walk. They also get together with children and for the rest of the family. The Shih Tzu is really sensitive to hot weather so taking them on a sunny trip is not advisable. They turn out to be easily jealous that if they see that your attention is not there, they will become a little aggressive to others but most of the time they’re friendly and lovable.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the right companion dog that can be great addition to your family. They can adjust well with other pets and love to play with children. Their sociability hinders them to be great watchdogs, but they are the very best fit to become a friendly, loving and lovable pet. These dogs doesn’t need a large amount of exercise so there’s no need for you to plan numerous activities for them. As it is, a simple daily walk or simple game or two is sufficient enough. This dog breed is known to shed too much so brushing it each day is required to keep its shedding at a minimum.

Chow Chow, Saint Bernard, Basset Hound and Mastiff are just some of the other low energy dog breeds that you should also think about. Just always remember that having a dog with lesser demands doesn’t mean you can neglect it. So, the need to offer them the care they deserve is important. Plus, it is also important to bear in mind that these dogs are emotionally delicate so showing them violence is discouraged.

You can research for the other dog breeds low energy by going online. With that, you can already have all the information that you will need.